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The best way to present yourself on crucial occasions is to bring up a smile on your face. When you feel confident about your teeth and breath, you smile and laugh at will and that always boosts your personality. Your teeth are an important aspect of your facial appearance. When they are white, straight, and strong, you experience positive self-esteem and it explicitly reflects your outlook. If you’re looking for the best way to treat chipped, stained, cracked, or discolored teeth, Lumineers are a perfect option offered at our Cosmetic Dentistry Somerset.

There are many other dental devices and treatments available to treat the same given problems and for particular dental situations. You should keep in mind that Lumineers are a quite different solutions than veneers. They are an improved version of dental veneers and give the patient a number of advantages.

Pain-free Procedure

Unlike veneers, these are set without the need to evacuate dental veneer making the Lumineers system reversible. What's more, since no dental enamel needs to be evacuated, there is no requirement for a sedative. These orthodontic options are considered relatively easier to get as they are ultra-thin shells that give picture-perfect smile. There is no need to adjust or score existing tooth’s enamel and lumineers can be positioned without using any metal wires at our cosmetic dentistry.

They are reversible

This is one of the best advantages of getting lumineers. Veneers require dentists to abrase sensitive tooth enamel to give it shape so that veneers could fit properly. On the contrary, if in future you feel your lumineers are getting you the outcome you wanted you can reverse your decision and your dentist can easily eliminate them. Lumneers are not permanent and can be removed whenever you desire. You may look for other dental care solutions as alternatives.

Perfect Appearance

Lumineers are made of porous porcelain material and your dentist attaches them after ensuring they are natural-looking just like other teeth. They are applied to fix minor flaws like stains and crooked teeth. You can laugh, eat, and chew confidently without being self-conscious.


While veneers frequently require uncommon upkeep and customary substitution, Lumineers have been clinically demonstrated to keep going for as much as 20 years! Except if you choose to switch the treatment, your lovely grin will be yours for a considerable length of time - with no extra dental care Somerset beyond keeping up fundamental dental cleanliness required.


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