4 Common Dental Problems Teens Experience

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Brushing two times a day and avoiding candies isn’t enough to maintain a healthy smile, especially for children. Teenagers have a real smile and when you see your kid smile back to you, it’s always heart-melting. While upbringing your child, you must watch out for what’s happening in his/her mouth. Oral health issues are common with teenagers as they mostly develop poor dental hygiene. Seeing a qualified family care dental each time your young adult experiences a dental issue is important.

Neglecting these common dental issues may have a more adverse impact on your child’s health and growth. Sometimes a common dental problem may result in life-threatening diseases. Here are four common dental issues teenagers experience:

Crowded or crooked teeth

As teenagers grow, their jaws will expand and their adult teeth will need to grow along with them. Unfortunately, their teeth can also shift in awkward ways. Your child may need to see an orthodontist for braces or other corrective gear. First, you should visit a smile dental care for their opinion on the matter. Most orthodontists will push people to get expensive braces, so trust in a dentist's opinion and referral first.


Teenagers can also practice unorthodox eating habits, such as snacking at night or eating junk food to replace meals. As they practice independence, they can make some unfortunate eating choices. These bad habits can contribute to cavities. Cavities must be filled as soon as possible to prevent tooth decay, a dangerous and unappealing health problem. You may see your family care dental clinic for treatment.

Deciduous teeth fall out

Baby teeth are supposed to fall out on their own as kids age. Ideally, teenagers should have all of their adult teeth. However, in some cases, kids older than 13 may still have a few baby teeth remaining. If your teenager still has one or more baby teeth, they can crowd adult teeth that have grown in. You may want to take them to a smile dental care expert to discuss this problem.

Wisdom tooth problems

Wisdom teeth will start to grow in as teenagers approach adulthood. There is no way to predict when this will happen. Because wisdom teeth are very large and grow in the back corners of the mouth, they can be disruptive to well-aligned teeth. These large molars can contribute to pain and discomfort while teenagers eat. Take them to the dentist to find out if they need to have their wisdom teeth extracted.

Practice good communication with your teenage child to find out if they are having any oral problems. For the above issues as well as regular cleanings, take your child to a reliable family care dental clinic.

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