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Dental irregularities have been around for a lot longer than we could assume today. And it might surprise you that Somerset Orthodontics is not a modern concept but it’s there since Ancient Egypt time. Some children have genetic dental problems like gaps between teeth and bad bite while others may catch these problems by not understanding the importance of dental hygiene and proper dental care Somerset.

It is important to teach the kids about basic oral hygiene practices that lead to good oral and overall health. They needed to be taught about the diseases that may take up residence in their mouth if they do not brush on time or eat too many candies.

Orthodontics is a dental specialty that concentrates on rectifying a poor bite. A bad bite may result from teeth that had not grown evenly or jaws that do not lock properly. Smile Designs 101 offers the most current treatments for orthodontic issues for cosmetic purposes or as part of a larger treatment for the entire mouth.

Five Facts about Orthodontics

  1. Most people thought that braces are made only to straight misaligned or protruded teeth. But, they actually offer a lot. When the braces are removed, it is found that they not only straight teeth but also the upper and lower jaw meet properly and braces ultimately make the teeth and gums healthier.
  2. In early times about 1900, braces were used to be made from gold. Because gold is a malleable material, it allowed to be stretched and adjusted into shape easily. For that reason, patients have to see their orthodontist regularly for the adjustment of their gold braces.
  3. You should know that crooked teeth are not also modern issues. People have had crooked teeth even in the time when Neanderthal man existed. Some of the archeologists have found evidence of Egyptian mummies with crude metal bands wrapped around their teeth.
  4. Not all dentists are orthodontists but an orthodontist is definitely a dentist. Orthodontists deal with diagnosis, prevention, and correction of malpositioned teeth and jaws.
  5. For metal braces, there is no age limit and the effectiveness across ages is equal. It means any age of people can leverage the benefits of orthodontic dental care Somerset treatment.

If you’re looking for an orthodontic treatment to rid of those crowded teeth and to chew your favorite food comfortably, you may book an appointment with Smile Design 101 for more information on Somerset orthodontics options.

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