How to Choose a Dentist for Full Mouth Dental Implant treatment

Full Mouth Dental Implants

After researching all the available tooth replacement options, you’ve decided to replace your missing teeth with full mouth dental implants. Great choice! But now the search begins for a trustworthy and dependable implant dentist. Although dental implants have a high success rate, rankings can vary amongst medical professionals. Because of this, it’s important that you select a qualified implant dentist with a high success rate to ensure you achieve desirable results.


While cost is a concern, it should not be the only deciding factor, as this could be detrimental to your outcome. A more experienced family care dental clinic may come at a higher price point, but you are guaranteed a better outcome with a lower risk for complications. Many implant specialists offer payment plans or accept financing options to make treatment more affordable.


Below are a few important questions to ask your potential implant dentist to give you clarity on their expertise and the type of care you can expect to receive.

What are your qualifications?

Dental professionals must be certified to practice general dentistry by both federal and state law. However, full mouth dental implants placement requires additional training and certification. While a general dentist spends seven to eight years in earning their degree, oral surgeons go on to complete four to six years of additional education in a surgical setting. Some even go on to receive the highest level of certification by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Ask about their training

When meeting with the family care dental, ask them what kind of training they have received and how many implant surgeries they perform. This will give you a better understanding on their educational training and experience.

What is your success rate?

Dental implants have a national success rate of 95 percent. An experienced implant dentist will maintain or exceed this rating. It is not offensive to ask the dentist what their success rate is on a particular procedure. In fact, it is in your best interest to do so. Dentists with a high patient satisfaction will be proud to share their results.

Online Reviews

Reading online reviews and asking friends and colleagues they recommend for dental implant placement can also help you narrow down your search. While some dentists promote dental implants on their website, they may actually refer you to a nearby specialist in the area for the actual placement.

Implant dentistry is continually progressing and offering innovative technology for dentists to use. Make sure you find a dentist for full mouth dental implants who uses the latest technology such as CBCT and digital x-ray machines.

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