What Are The Reasons For Bad Breath?

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Bad breath or halitosis is a common condition in which a person experiences unpleasant odor when he exhales air while breathing. It can be embarrassing for a person who is suffering from this condition and can cause a major effect on his self-esteem. It’s always awkward for a person to engage in a conversation with stinky breath and sometimes that weird smell becomes a reason for introversion. Fortunately, there are treatments available for this condition which mostly designed to fight its underlying causes. You may consult your Somerset family dentistry for a better solution according to your personal dental health.

Reasons for bad breath

Bad breath might not be a serious medical condition but it definitely affects a person’s lifestyle and behavior. The embarrassment sometimes leads to lowered self-confidence and emotional distress. The primary reason for halitosis is bacteria and germs that collect in your mouth if you avoid certain steps for good oral health. Some of the common reasons for bad breath are given below:

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is one of the main reasons for bad breathing. The saliva in our mouth is a key ingredient that fights bacteria and helps us digest even the tiniest food particles. When there is not enough saliva in our mouth, the bacteria grow and cause smelly breaths.


Certain spicy and sticky foods are not harmful of our teeth but also cause bad breath. They include garlic, coffee, onion, and oriental foods. If you have occasionally bad breath from the type of food you're eating, then you should just keep a pack of gum handy and use it when talking to people. A dentist may help you better with professional Somerset Dental Practice.

Periodontal Disease

A gum or periodontal disease can be the main reason for poor breath. The excessive bacteria form plaque and affect the enamel of your tooth which is also known as cavities. This is why good personal oral care is essential.


Obviously! If you light your cigarette near a non-smoker, either he would irk, object or simply avoid. Not all people are a fan of that white smoke. Smoking not only dries your mouth but also injurious for your oral as well as overall health.

How to avoid bad breath

Most of the time bad oral hygiene is the major reason behind an oral disease. The dentists suggest regular brushing and flossing are key to avoid most of the dental problems. They suggest drinking more water to keep your mouth hydrated and fight bad breath. A professional dentist may help you with a particular dental practice if your halitosis is associated with something that is not mentioned in this post.

If you’re experiencing bad breath even after regular dental hygiene and proper dental care, in such a situation, you should consult your family dentistry sooner.

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